Contractors for Storm Damage Renovation for Homes in the Orono, ON, Region

Storms can be unforgiving sometimes, and residents across the Orono, ON, region can be exposed to extreme storm damage.

Restoration 1 knows about this conflict, and that’s why we offer prompt storm damage emergency services. The weight of trying to repair the wreckage created by extreme storms can be overwhelming. Getting your home reestablished with speed and accuracy is vital, which is why you can rely on Restoration 1. Our certified experts specialize in restoring homes that have undergone any type of storm damage. We’ll ensure your home is secure and restored to a habitable condition.

It’s good to know a reliable service company that’s available to start restoration services whenever necessary. From harsh gusts of wind to below-zero temperatures, your residence is vulnerable to certain conditions and might require repairs after a bad storm strikes.

When you experience storm damage problems in your house, Restoration 1 can help out.


Wrecked walls, floors, baseboards, doors and other kinds of residue need to be cleared from the affected area.


Rebuilding wrecked structural components will be completed to strengthen your home.


Quick and efficient restoration to bring your home back to a normal state again.

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Restoration 1 is Ready to Help

The staff at Restoration 1 wants your house to be back to its pre-damaged condition, so our contractors are available to handle the devastation for you. We use industry-grade tools to rejuvenate and repair your house after any kind of storm damage. Our contractors can conduct roof repairs for your home, clean up pooling water or perform a complete structural drying.

It’s fundamental to remove storm damage in your residence immediately. If executed inaccurately, damaged property is exposed to future wreckage. When we restore residential properties, we analyze the total condition of the area that has been wrecked by the storm.

In the scenario you do find yourself in this position, don’t worry, Restoration 1 is here to help. With many franchises located nationwide, Restoration 1 will pull together and help fix any house that’s been wrecked by a extreme storm. Stabilizing structures are fundamental for any house that has endured any kind of storm, and we handle this as well. Restoration 1 restoration specialists take care of a variety of services to make your home habitable in no time.

Interiors can also be damaged by storms just like the outside. Unstable surfaces and wet sub flooring and carpet are some other challenges that you may have after a monumental storm. Dangerous storm damages can create chaos whether it was generated by thunderstorms, violent winds or ice storms.

By utilizing Restoration 1’s services, you have a dedicated team on your side.

Your local Restoration 1 experts are standing by.

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